Ranger I-Beam Kits

We have changed the construction design of the beam to eliminate the tubing and are now all plate work.

Here is the construction of the beam, there is an inner 3/16 plate the runs the length and 2 outer 3/16 plate that have 2 70* brakes in both of them that forms a prismatic shape when they come together. It has 2 welded surfaces down the length of each beam. The 3 plate are penetrated at the same time in 1 welded pass.

Giant Motorsports’ new Prismatic I-Beam, design maximizes cross section in both axis’s. This produces an I-Beam that is resistive to bending from shock and bump loads and from collision loads from hitting large rocks or ruts.

The Equal Length Beams come 82”-87” to the out side of the tires and include; radius arms, and Beam and Radius arm pivot boxes.
Spindle options to be used with these beams: Dana 44 5 on 5.5 spindle.

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