Equal Length I-Beam Kit



Weld It yourself equal length beam kit includes:

  • Main beam plates
  • End caps plates
  • Tear drop plate
  • Back layer plates
  • Front overlay
  • 1 ¼ threaded bungs

You will need to provide hiems, Dana 4WD ends, tubing and welding.

To construct these beams, you will need to set the width and ride height.

  1. Cut Dana 4WD end just past threaded radius arm hole and cap with WIY plate.
  2. Cut and bend 1 ¾” tubing to match main plates.
  3. Bolt on beam pivots, hiem.
  4. Bung, top beam tube and set desired width and ride height.
  5. Fit bottom tube plate in and weld.

Never weld with hiem in bung and never thread hiem into bung until 100% cooled.

Here are other parts that will help you complete the beam kit if needed.

  • $325.00 Beam tub cut and bent.
  • $550.00 Ford Eq. beam pivots (welded).
  • $675.00 Toyota Beam piovts/cross member (welded).
  • $325.00 Chevy & Dodge beam pivots (welded).
  • $225 radius arm pivots (welded).
  • $275 WIY radius arm kit includes: Attaching plates, Connector plates & 1 ¼ threaded bungs.


Good level fab. skills required.

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